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shri shailendra sharma

Shailendra Sharma is a kriya yogi whose line of succession goes back to the great yogi Babaji Maharaj.Shailendra was born on July 10, 1957 in Bhopal, India in a family of a respected judge. Since childhood Shailendra adored reading and used to read any book he could find at home or borrow from his friends. In 1978 he graduated from college in Gwalior with a Master’s degree in Political Science. Then he passed all the exams necessary to join Indian Army, but at the last moment, to his relatives’ great surprise and indignation, Shailendra decided to refuse military service. The fact is that at that very time several of his relatives suddenly died. These events influenced Shailendra deeply. 

Thus the meeting with death led Shailendra to studying yoga. Soon after he returned from military training and was spending all his time reflecting on the meaning of life, he remembered that one of his friends he met there advised him to read “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Our Mission & Vision

Shailendra later wrote commentaries on Bhagvad Gita, Yoga Darshan, and Shiv Sutras. Shailendra came to Govardhan in 1993. He has been residing at the royal cremation grounds (Chhatris) of the Rajas of Bharatpur ever since. This place is highly mystical and unique. Here he found a natural Shiva Lingam and installed it on the cremation site of a late Raja. He works out at the gym, reads American comics among other things, and meets his disciples and visitors every afternoon.

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Yoga and Vegetarianism

I was asked if it is necessary for Yogi to be a vegetarian? It will help. And even if you eat meat, with your sincere practice you will stop eating it automatically. And what about fish and eggs? You will begin to feel sympathy for the fish. You will have sympathy towards animals which the flesh which you are eating. And a new sense of beauty will also come. When a vegetarian looks at a fish or a bird he appreciate the beauty of it. But when a meat eater looks at a fish or a bird he pictures it cooking somewhere and his mouth waters. So the sense of beauty is different.

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